Love In You Is So Sweet

Today, I have a prayer I pray
To bless the heart of you,
As the love of our dear Father comes
Your soul to sweetly woo.

You've watched the lives around you
In life, in books, on screen,
Building up a picture
The future of your dreams.

I pray that you have gathered
The best of every heart,
That each tomorrow may be blessed
By all that God imparts.

May every day you build upon
The love of God in you,
To make a story all your own
Your individual tune.

Our God is forming in your soul
The image of His Son,
So everything that comes your way
Will always be His love.

To calm the fear of twists and turns
That seem to hurt, confuse,
For the way that God has set
Is the best He plans for you.

It's not that life is going wrong
When paths appear unknown,
But that He's wanting you to find
An even better way to know.

So ask and keep on asking
Be still, when life seems weird,
Trust, though tears may come
For nothing's to be feared.

Each moment God is holding you
Unfolding all you need,
All the love, the joy, the beauty
Just ask and then believe.

Your future is secure
With The God of all, as yours,
Your life's in Him, resplendent,
Go forth in Him adorned.


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 6-25-2011
Poetry From The Heart

"There is in just no
way to find contentment's call
except in the unconditional
acceptance of God's will
in all that He unfolds."

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