~Friendship Teaparty~

This is an invitation of imagination
For a friendship party at my place,
With an illusory vase of flowers
Pretty china, anglaise lace.

Just dream delicious carrot cake
Cheese topping very sweet,
Fairy cakes, sponge fly aways
Choc eclairs, illusive treats.

We'll chat and halve each creamy piece
So we don't feel so bad,
Oh, but won't all that we do 'not' say
Make us more than glad.

For all that is most treasured
About the way that we two feel,
Is not to be all bandied 'bout
'Tween friends that are so real.

Oh, my I'm looking forward so
To our tea of make believe,
I sure do hope this very day
This email you receive...

Then, send me now your quick reply
With your choice of perfect date,
For friendship tea, just when you like
Oh, I can hardly wait..


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © June 2011
Poetry From The Heart

The most important things
are the hardest to say,
because words diminish them.
~Stephen King~

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