~Goodbye For Now Dear Friend~

My heart, this day is full of thoughts
For now's the time for our goodbye,
I rejoice with you, now heaven bound
Not ours, nor fit, to question why.

I'm thanking God He brought us nigh,
For all these years, what better friend,
The sweet abundance overflows
As this we see, life cannot end.

What better yet, of all God gave
Than faith imparted, found as real,
To see beyond to unseen light
Eternity, our spirit's zeal.

This present life we know is but
A transient, for find of trust,
For all of God, prepared to last,
The spirit, soul is more than dust.

Much more than we can comprehend
But marvel we, at all revealed
Of life ahead, unseen, unknown
But, know in Christ, forever sealed.

I thank you now for your uplift
In leaving well, by you I'm blessed,
Your heart's constrain, example, smile
Compels my soul to follow thence.

God bless you now, your moments left
My gratitude, I must evoke,
Please give my love to all above
I'm well and e'er retain all hope.

Your place is set in heaven above
I'll join you all, when mine is done,
I thank God for, the bond of life
He keeps us, perfectly, in love.

Remember me, as I will you
At home with our dear Saviour, Lord,
Til then, as we all live again,
We have the promise of His Word..

God bless, goodbye
my dear and faithful friend...


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © August 2011
Poetry From The Heart

There is a manifest distinction
made between faith in Christ-
and the comfort of that faith,....
between believing to eternal life-
and knowing we have eternal life.....
~Stephen Charnock~

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