Sweet Lilt Of Morning Wonder...
Sweet Lilt Of Morning Wonder...

I heard a pretty melody
The call of pretty lark,
It sounded like my special friend
In song within the park.

I know 'twas of your loving heart
I knew so straight away,
The very tone of your own voice
Came wafting all you say.

The warmth of tender murmur
With touch of gentleness,
Sweet lilt of morning wonder
That comes to only bless.

Oh, the freshness of a zephyr.
The freedom of a bird,
Such softness of a feathered wing
The sound, of you I heard.


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © Sept. 2011
Poetry From The Heart

You sure are my sweetheart pal,
never want to give you up
for anything else.


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