My Treasured Loving Friend........

You are my treasured loving friend
You send me love, joy to impart
Like an angel from the heights above-
You're a friend I love, with all my heart

When I met you, was it long ago
You came to me, to always stay
It doesn't matter where we are
Whatever sphere, come what may
We'll be sharing in the love and hope
Of much sweet poetry and rhyme
All I know, come dawn or dusk,
We're sharing love that's so divine

How can I thank you then, my friend
For showing friendship's love to me
I know our Father sent you near
On love's wings eternally

I'm near to you in heart and soul
No matter, space, or even time
You show me love from God above
I know we're joined in life divine

Jesus took our hearts and made us one
You prayed for me, and here I am.
You loved me from the very start
When our relationship began.

Now nothing ever holds us back
Not future days, nor all that's past
Jesus' beauty is our breath
Like all He makes, our love shall last

So I want to give my thanks to you
For knowing who created me
Jesus holds the key to all we are
We'll be as friends, eternally


Linda Ann Henry ©2010
Do you remember me
(To my loving friend, Heartwhispers)
The people's poet

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