My Little Scrapbook.......

I have a little scrapbook
I carry everywhere
In my basket and my pockets
Oh, everything I bear

I take it out so often
To ponder on each page
And see the love, remember,
Endeared by every stage

I cannot leave my scrapbook
Or lose it anywhere
For it is always part of me
It is the love I wear

For printed on each leaf
I see you with my heart
I see your smile, the twinkle
Your face, your eyes impart

Each day my scrapbook's growing
There's more my Father adds
The more of love I know
The more that I am glad

I slip you 'tween the tissue
The softness of each page
I carry in my spirit
Your love, where-on I gaze.


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems Aug 2010
Poetry from the Heart

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