When we are sending emails on
we are living out a neighborhood.
If its fun, intelligent,
heart warming, a blessing to our soul,
or just plain warm and good.

We all get many emails
and what is touching to our heart we pass along..
Then being sensitive, we delete so many too..
but what is funny, worth a ponder or is new,
we are glad to share the view.

We love pictures, concepts, music,
play on words, new information,
poems, helps and tips, and on we click,
as here we sit.

Many times we know God has sent an email
just for the very moment, maybe long or short
that we will find a comfort
or a challenge to our thoughts.

We will chuckle, channel, chuck, or chew,
whatever we will choose to do..
as we thank God for the friendship
the gifts He gives to me and you.

May the fun and love in emails
bless us
through and through.


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2011
Poetry from the Heart

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