~ I Cannot ~

Some things I cannot do,
without a thought of you.
I cannot walk a garden path,
without hearing
all the thoughts you would impart.

I cannot look upon the stars at night
without seeing you within my sight.
I cannot make a cup of tea,
without imagining you here
as close, as close can be.

I cannot drop my eyes in prayer,
without thinking of you, over there.
I cannot walk the sands of time,
nor feel the wavelets on the shore,
nor wake upon the morning's rays,
without praying for you more.

I cannot twirl an autumn leaf
and watch it in my hand,
without wondering how much,
you too would understand.

I cannot touch your soul,
as God the Father will,
but I will pray for you, today,
that He your heart may fill.


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems İMay 2011
Poetry from the Heart

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