Here it is your special story
where you began and live,
The story one, whereof you're glad
for all of life it gives.

And here we take a pen,
and write a page today,
That could not be better told
than how it went its way.

Would we anything remove,
to value more we liked,
What within the character
could be taken out of sight.

Could we give ourselves a better story,
more of joy and less of hurt,
Or take away the pain
beginning from our birth.

Would erasing many years
with memories all our own,
Remove the many precious things
we learnt by life alone.

Would conversations be the same-
the friendship shared with friends
If we could change the story,
or turn a different bend.

Or might it put together
bring us to God above,
where we will know His perfect
everlasting, constant love.


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems May 2011
Poetry from the Heart

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