Listen, to the trees.......
Listen, to the trees.......


Listen, to the trees, the woods,
What now do they tell,
What amazing secret do they hold
That they live very well.

Investigate their tiny seed
Hold it in your hand,
What of that tiny power
Do we learn to understand.

Where is the life encapsulated
Is it in the size or shape
What mystery is within its case
That it can germinate.

How, by being buried in soil
Does life then suddenly break forth,
How can such a tiny sliver
Hold a chestnut tree so tall.

How can mighty roots and branches
The countless leaves and buds
The intricate genetic code
From such a fragment come.

Listen to the tree today
And what of God it holds,
He placed Himself in the design
Listen to His power, listen and behold.

For we also are such mystery
We too began so small,
But, in His image we are made,
We are special even more.


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems Feb 2011
Poetry from the Heart

Listen to a tree if you want to understand perceive
patience and strength
listen and believe

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