My all Round Pal.....

~ My All Round Pal ~

My allround pal you are
Allround in every way,
Allround in your hobbies
And all you like to play.

I can talk to you of flowers
Of places, things I see,
I can talk about my family
And all that's loverly.

It doesn't matter what I think
You're happy just to hear
And love me as I chatter
About my li'l fears.

You listen to my foibles
Whatever they may be,
And come with me on travels
Across the land and sea.

You hear me in the darkness
And sit with me by day,
You run with me in clover
And blow the seeds away.

You'll be around in summer, spring
In Autumn, Winter too,
You're my all round friend alright
And I thank God for you.


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems June 2011
Poetry from the Heart

The allround you has grown 'round me.
Together we shall be.
Never apart, maybe in distance
but not in heart

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