~ Always There ~

I wandered in my garden
And found the normal blooms,
Normal, as most always they are
There, as pretty blossom true.

I plunked them in fresh water
Upon my window sill,
And there they smiled at me
Just as they always will.

And then I had to send them
To my friend so far away,
My normal lovely friend
Who always ever stays.

So they can smile at you
My always there good friend,
My every day sweet pal
With God's love that never ends.


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems June 2011
Poetry from the Heart

Selected by a loving heart
and sown with tender care,
the seeds of friendship,
yield a bloom of beauty that is rare.
'Midst rain of tears and sun
of smiles it flourishes and grows;
fraught with a bond of love, joy,
trust, truest friendship knows
'By J.A. Heitmueller'

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Original "Aerith"
Composed by
Nobuo Uematsu

Seq 1997 Masashi Ito