~ I Give To You This Rose ~

How blessed my life has been
Since your heart-beat joined with mine,
Beyond all we'd ever ask or think
God gave this love divine.

Why God should choose our lives to cross
Is but a miracle of grace,
As if you were a gift from heaven
His love shines from your face.

No words shall ever tell the joy
Of the treasure held within,
No time or distance shall displace
You, God's chosen friend.

As kindred spirits we now know
This gentleness is ours to keep,
I think of you as family
In relationship unique.

For an everlasting friend you'll be
This you clearly understand,
For I hold you dear unto my heart
As in my prayers you stand.

Today I choose to celebrate
You, God's gift of love,
This single friendship rose, a token,
Of how in God, we're one.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2012
Poetry From The Heart

We can speak
With the eyes of understanding;
With the ears of alertness;
With the smile of delight;
With the tone of kindness;
With the spirit of compassion;
With the hands of mercy;
With the embrace of acceptance;
With the handshake of friendship;
With the look of interest;
With the tears of compassion;
With the nod of affirmation;
With the touch of tenderness;
With the heart of love;
With a face that radiates His light.


Psalm 4:6 AMP
Lift up the light of Your
countenance upon us, O Lord.

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