Beary Lovely

I am sittin' here just pondering from afar
how special that you are
and how you need a huggle
and a snuggle
in the fun you have today,
loving all you meet
spreading your big heart
so sweet
with lots of lovely treats.

I'm musing on how wonderful
it'll be in heaven together,
being all tucked up
in God's forever love,
as beary special pals
loving all as well,
enjoying sharing posies
just being sweet and cozy,
chatting anytime
with this cutie pal of mine.


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems ŠApril 2012
Poetry From The Heart

"The pleasure of your company
is a many sided affair,
it includes the pleasure of seeing you,
hearing you talk,
watching your actions, your likes,
dislikes and adventures,
the joy of hunting you up in your haunts,
and the delight
when you hunt me up in mine."

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