~ My Friend Came By ~

A dearest friend of mine came by
'Twas for a gentle chat,
I put the kettle on for tea
We reminisced on this and that.

The visit had no extra purpose
Than that they passed my way,
Oh, but all the joy we had to share
Sure made a lovely day.

I thanked The Lord with all my heart
For this most special friend,
Knowing all the love we keep
Will never ever end.

I love my friend so very much
Not just because they're kind
But also how they bring me God
And that is so divine.

And so the skies that seemed so grey
Became a wondrous hue
Just because my friend came by
And brought me love so true.


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems İMay 2012
Poetry From The Heart

Just had a chat with an angel
He said He's looking for a friend..
Shhh, I didn't tell you're in my heart for keeps-
because our love can never end.

The cup of friendship's filled with joy
and the steam curls up with love.

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