Framed in Roses.......

I sat within life's frame
While gazing all the while
And pondered all our God has given
In love of you and I

I thanked Him for the rosebuds
That He made for us to see
My eyes took in the beauty
Of all the tallest trees

I listened to the music
Of the birds that flew on high
And admired the pretty clouds
That keep on scudding by

I thought of every baby born
And the precious gift of life
All the precious wonder of each heart
The purest sweet delight

I took in all the color
The sounds as tinkling bells
As I thanked my heavenly Father
For doing all things well

I worshipped at His very throne
The glory of His heart
For giving us eternity
To live in all that lasts

I mused on our beginnings
On all the yesterdays He gave
And each special love within my heart-
The love, that ever stays


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems İMay 2012
Poetry From The Heart

....and i thank God for you

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