Our Sweetest Garden Tea

~ Jewels Of Friendship ~

If you were alone,
Or even if not
All the day long,
Or evenings my dear,
From dawn until dusk
I would invite you
To come right on in...

For my life is e'er open
My gate swinging wide
So just stop on by,
Don't wait but a moment
My garden's aglow
My heart is all warm
Where love is at home

We'll sip cups of tea
And chat 'bout ourselves
Nibble sweet goodies
And whisper a prayer
We'll walk thereabouts
Or sit very still
With hearts full of care

Oh, come to my place
You're ever so welcome
My heart is all ready
The tea is all set
Lets share jewels of friendship-
And all of God's love
We'll know such delight...
I'd so love you to come.


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems ŠApril 2012
Poetry From The Heart

The joy of friendship
lives deep within
It's not in the tea,
or sweets we might eat
The warmth is in Jesus
He is the peace
A warm, priceless jewel-
His love we will keep.

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