Dusk Time Dreaming

I'll sing to you love songs, my lullaby
Rest your head softly, on pillows to fly
And I'll sing to you love songs, sweet songs of glory
I will sing to you dreamland
To bless your sweet story
The road that you're walking
this day, tomorrow
I'll sing to you love songs, as you
Sail now in beauty where dreams are so pretty
Where love is here after and will be completely
The secret in darkness, where
Jesus is with you, this journey you're sleeping
Jesus is with you, no matter the sorrow
No matter the weeping
He holds the treasure, the pearls and the diamonds
He is the wonder your heart is seeking
The footsteps you're walking
each moment providing
the journey you tread
Your spirit brings fragrance to all that you meet
In all that you're living, His life you wed
He'll guard you and keep you
Each turn of the pathway
through stairway unknown
With Him as your life breath
Sleep now in glory
you're never, no never alone.


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems ©July 2012
Poetry From The Heart

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