Oh, Doggie!

Did you see those cute doggie eyes follow you
As you passed through the pet shop in plain view?
So many pretty fluffy pups to choose from
Once he learns his name, and when called does come

Now back at home following you from room to room
Playing hard and romps, but watch out for that broom
As you sweep he pulls and tugs at the straw
He thinks your playing runs and hides and crawls
Snuggles up to you when you rest sitting in your lap
Unconditional love you feel from your pet while he naps
He feels safe with you and hes easy to teach
Because you speak soft and loving not preach

Now outside and playing with a neighbors pet
Discovering new things and often gets wet
How wonderful to own a little doggie pet
So much love, and fun to play you'll never regret.

© 2006Joyce Ann Geyer

Just having some Summertime fun!

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