Thanks For Your Love And Support

It brings me much joy
To know that you care for me;
You are a very special treasure...
Sent to me from Above.

At times I think you must have
Some Heavenly sent "Magic Glue"...
That helps hold me together.
You take the extra time
To listen and understand;
In your own loving way...
When many others would whine;
And walk the other way.

You always seem to know
Just what to say and do;
Whether I am down and out...
Or simply feeling blue.
It really helps me more
Than you will ever know;
That you allow me time and space...
When I desperately need it so.

Whatever life throws at me
I know that you will always be...
Right there waiting for me.

Thanks so very much...
For your love and support!

Sandra Ann Cauley ©2006

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