My Friends......
My Friends......
Some of my friends are different,
some I visit from afar;
But wherever they may be,
they know that they are in my heart.

I love each and every one,
with a special kind of love;
They are angels, they are helpers,
and all have been sent to me,
from Above.

I pray each day that God will bless,
and heal all broken hearts;
That He will reach down and comfort,
and with wisdom impart.

That He, also, loves them dearly,
and has them in the palms of His hands;
And that He holds them close,
and truly understands.

When they become discouraged,
and when their spirits are low;
That they will seek Him,
and in His comfort, know.

That all of us are just children,
seeking to find our way;
And doing our best to love one another,
each and every day.

So, be blessed, My Sweet Friend,
and in your heart be lifted up,
'Cause God has given us all,
from the Friendship cup.

© 2006 Sandra Lewis Pringle
The Heart And Soul

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