In God's Garden
In God's garden I will see such a majestical place
If I get the right to walk with him, a frown will never be on my face.
Lilies of the valley and baby breath grow there too..
Flowers that look like velvet in yellow, red and blue.

They look like satin and shine like a bright neon light;
No thorns prickling my hands or plants wilting before night.
In His garden everything comes alive and will always bloom..
No sickness for anyone or a spirit of doom.

He wore a crown of thorns on his head and bore all the pain
For our sin and trangressions our God forever reigns.
The path to glory is rough, long and wide
Some make it and are welcomed inside.

No more fighting, bombs, guns, terrorist's or war;
No standing in line for Christmas presents at a Department store.
The aroma of goodness exisits and smells so fresh..
With him we'll have no anger, just complete happiness.

Sunbeams, rainbows, and shooting stars
I'm heaven bound for I have found my Jupiter and Mars.
Birds chirping softly such a sweet gentle tune
Praying that our loved one's will be with us soon.

Such warmth fills the air as children all gather to play..
Jesus now is their Daddy, they feel blessed to have arrived
Safely and they want to stay.

So when you come to the garden of peace and love you will
Never feel cheated or alone.
God is there and he will gladly share his happy home
and always, so very very much.

©2003 Nancy Hoback

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The Beautiful poem was written by Nancy Hoback
and used with permission.
Nancy Hoback

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