Garden Of Prayer.....

The Lord in all His Love prays for us,
Always in a lovely Garden,
Of Prayer calling out to the Father,
For us Over and over again.
Jesus says, "Come sit with Me my love,
Among the flowers wet with dew,
I will show you how much that I care,
You are all My children, I love you."

The Garden of Prayer brings hope and peace,
As we walk with Him each day,
I'm daily walking in His footsteps,
Talking to Him in the cool of the day.
I love to sit in my Garden of Prayer,
To view the flowers and birds in the trees,
I will walk close to Him all my days,
For His Love always follows me.

How wonderful to talk to our Lord each day.
When your heart's bowed down with care,
Whisper to Him, you can tell Him anything,
He'll always hear your prayer.
Jesus looks down from His Heavenly Throne,
As He holds me in His loving arms,
I'll tell of His Love until the battle is won,
Then I'll hear Him say, "Child, well done."

Behold, Dear Lord, the Garden of Prayer,
Oh, Your promises draw me near,
I look and see Your smiling face,
And wait until You answer prayer.
One day we'll sit and gaze upon His Face.
We'll be away from all cares and snares,
We'll share in His beautiful Garden of Prayer,
Our Wonderful Saviour waits for us there.

© Bernice Ward

Luke 11:1 (KJV)
And it came to pass, that,
as he was praying in a certain place,
when he ceased, one of
his disciples said unto him, Lord,
teach us to pray, as John
also taught his disciples.

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