And outside there are tears
Weeping at the lonesome graves
So many, crying for a hope that never fades
All along the rows, the never ending
faces crying, wet with tears
in the hopelessness of never ending fears

And they cry on in the questions..why
As they walk among the graves
No, a grave will never come to me
But, as they walk, that deadness seeps
Inside, the cry...God, give me life,
reply, somehow from frozen skies

Oh Lord, touch me, reach me, as I walk
alone along the graves
Does this have to be the end
Show me what it is to see beyond
Open wide the gate,
touch my heart and let me in

I hear a whisper, come, my friend
Take hold My hand with all the warmth
the all I am you need
O Lord, my heart replies, carry me,
Today right now, through every moment
I need You for eternity

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2007

Although your steps may falter now, and soul and spirit weary be,
With My own strength, I you endow and keep you ever close to Me
To bear you up on eagle's wings from earth into eternity
. Elsie M. Happe

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