God Bless Your Understanding......

With all my heart I have need to tell
God bless you, if you understand
While watching my faltering steps
And my shaky hands
Then share a hug, a kindness
Offering to help, any way you can

God bless you, if you see
Then hold out a loving hand
When my body trembles deep within
And I seem uncoordinated
Yet you don't seek to correct it all
To be what you thought it could have been

God bless you, if you come to visit
Just to quietly sit and softly share
Gently being there to listen if you dare
While I stumble to explain how I feel
About wanting to be real
Feeling tearful that you care

God bless you if you still
Want to be my forever friend
When it is so hard to love me as before
And respect me unconditionally
With the heart of compassion to see
That I am overcome with fatigue

Although I may not look so ill
Sitting there, you somehow know
All that I find so difficult to share
You understand my eyes may be a-blur
And that if my speech may sometimes slur
Underneath I am, me
God bless you that your love is undeterred

Soft Whispers just for you from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2008
Poetry From The Heart

As we walk this path of life,
we will struggle,
in stumbling times and not be
able to be as before.
I thank God for the hand that
reaches down to hold us up,
perhaps a friend's hand,
perhaps the hand of God.
But always there is hope,
and as long as there is a single breath left,
there is everlasting love, we need not fear...
this I have come to know.

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