Gentle Rain ......

Gentle rain falls,
A soft rhythm on the ground;
All about me
Music does surround.

Surely God is here,
These drops fall from the sky;
Is this not the way
My Lord Jesus does cry?

Perhaps these tears
From His sorrowful heart flow;
So many reject Him
Despite love He does show.

Perhaps these tears
Mourn for children gone astray;
Our Lord longs to hold them,
To lead them on His way.

Lord Jesus, we pray
That joyful tears You shed;
We know it is for us
Upon Your Cross You bled.

Wonderful and eternal
Is the love You show;
We live to glorify You,
Your way we follow.

Surely You are here,
As rain falls from the sky;
Surely we are kissed
By You, the Most High.

So as gentle rain falls,
A soft rhythm on the ground,
We sing a song of You,
For Your love does abound.


Caroline Gavin İOct. 2012
Purposeful Pathway

"Ask rain from the Lord
in the season of the spring rain,
from the Lord who makes the storm clouds,
and he will give them showers of rain,
to everyone the vegetation in the field."
Zechariah 10:1

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