God's Most Precious Gift

On a cold, dark night in Bethlehem,
Travelers arrived and retired for the night.
They who had tramped the hard, lonely miles
Would rest 'til the new day grew bright.

There was no space to sleep man or beast
In a home, inn, or rooming place.
Those arriving hereafter could use
A stone for a pillow, outside the gates.

Hearts, minds, and bodies numb with fatigue,
Joseph and Mary sought refuge and rest.
An animal-filled stable, and hay soft and sweet,
Was the only solution to their quest.

Mary was very heavy with child;
The birthing time was so near.
There was only time to dismount the donkey,
Lie down, be grateful, and feel no fear.

Shepherds tending their flocks in the field
Were suddenly sorely afraid,
When a myriad of heavenly hosts appeared
And their pronouncements were made.

As one bright, beautiful star shone on high,
God's messengers told of their joy;
The Son of God was delivered this night;
The world's hope has arrived; a baby boy!

Our hope for a heavenly hereafter,
We received our savior that night.
Do we receive Him as we should,
By faith, our joy and delight?

God loved us enough that He gave His best;
He gave His Son, the Christ.
A gift to all nations and races, a treasure;
He gave, fully knowing the price.

Our voices should rise with joy and gladness,
Praising our Lord and King.
We should shout, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JESUS",
Then join with the angels and sing!

© 2005 used with permission
Wynona Mitchell McKinney

Wishing you Christmas blessings of
Joy, Love, Hope, Happiness, Faith,
Grace, Mercy and Peace that comes when we
make room in our heart for Jesus.
Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year!

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