A Precious Gift......

~A Precious Gift~

God sent the sweetest cherub
He put you in my arms,
I looked into your eyes,
You gave away your charms.

You are such a little treasure,
I can only sit and grin,
For there in your sweet soul
I see myself within.

For months I had been wondering
What genes I would produce,
As you grew inside of me
What of me, break loose.

Would you get my sense of humour,
Or funny little toe,
Sweet delight in many wonders,
Or the way I walk, just so.

But you were just unique
With a bit of either gender,
You turned out, just yourself
As all went in the blender.

I loved you so, before you came
Long before, for sure,
You are God's special blessing
His perfect gift outpoured.

His grace has grown you strong
You're resplendent in His hue,
Glowing with eternal love;
His life alive in you.

With beauty, you will journey on
Walking in pure joy
In the beauty of the Son...
I trust for you, a safe pathway;
Because for you I pray.

~*~ ~*~

Soft whispers for my son from
Derry's Heart Poems © May 2009
Poetry From The Heart

With this in mind we constantly pray for you,
that our God will make you the kind of children,
He wants to have and by His power may fulfill every
desire for goodness and every act inspired by faith.
2 Thessalonians 1:11

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