Image By Dark Blue Knight

There is no grand illusion
To all this mass confusion
The answers are really clear to see
Reach out your hand to others
We all are Sister's and Brother's
You and I hold this magical key.

Stop all this war and violence
Speak up and don't be silent
Some help is all we really need
Rejoice in one another
Respect your Father and Mother
Stop wallowing in all of this greed.

Give patience and understanding
And don't be too demanding
I think that you will all agree
That trusting in each other
And loving one another
Will be a better place for you and me.

Let's all give this a try
Just do it and don't ask why
Believe in what I have to say
Take hold of one another
After all we're sister's and brother's
Let's all bow our head's and pray.

Father keep us safe in all we do
and never let us stray
'cause in our faith and trust in you
you're never far away.

Watch down upon us Jesus
Please help us get along
We need some guidance from you
Because we've gone so wrong.

Just help us live together
in peace and harmony
Because in order to survive
It's up to you and me.

Barbara Shewak © 2007
Soaring Angels

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