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Gary's Island

I want to go to the island
And walk barefoot in the sand
And look out at the heaving
Waving palm trees
For I haven't love there yet
It all came to me
From the peaceful Ocean breeze
In the window as I lay
All alone for the woman
That I love has turned
My heart to stone
And the islands are
Telling me to go
Modulation key change
There are things there
To take the hurt away
Like laughing loving girls
On Moonlight Bays
Though I haven't been there
I might as well get set
For I haven't love there yet
There's a ship waiting for me
And it's gona' set me free
For I haven't loved there yet
You know I haven't loved there yet.

Written and sung by Gary Matthews
© 2001 G.M. Music Studio,
registered BMI ©2001
This recording is published by
and directly licensed in place
for internet public performance on
available onCd baby
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