Glory, Glory, Glory

Glory, Glory, Glory!
Hail the King of Kings!
Glory, Glory, Glory,
My heart forever sings!

Exalted in the Heavens,
Reigning here on earth,
Ruling over all things,
Yet humble in His birth.

My King, my Lord, my God,
In a manger He was born;
The perfection of humility,
Thinking naught of scorn.

He embraced the many trials,
A Man of sorrows was He;
Willing to shed His blood
That He may set men free.

Who is this wondrous Man?
This One shining in white?
Who is this One,
With eternal power and might?

Surely He is Jesus,
The One who for me died;
Surely He is Jesus,
The One I crucified.

In the palm of His hand,
The very hand pierced for me,
He holds the entire world,
For He reigns eternally.

Sinless Lamb of God,
How can I ever thank You?
You died for a wretched sinner,
I know not what to do.

You are exalted in the Heavens,
May You come now to earth;
I praise You for loving me
Long before my birth.

So I sing Glory, Glory, Glory!
Hail the King of Kings!
Jesus is my Everything,
For Him my heart forever sings!


Caroline Gavin ŠJuly 2012
Purposeful Pathway

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