I Think Of You

As the satin curtain of dusk
Covers the bright blue sky
I always think of you my friend
And the day that passed us by.

A day of glorious beauty
That leaves an after glow
And when the day is over
I think of someone I know.

The stars are brightly shining
High up above
The moon in all its glory
Fills my heart with friendly love

A day of silent wonder
Has slowly passed us by
Lovely hues like a rainbow
Blends softly in the sky.

Tomorrow will surely bring
Beauty for all to see
To share with a kind and loving friend
Just as you have been to me.

So good night my dearest friend
Hope you had a happy day
May all of your tomorrow's
Come to you in a special way.

©Ginny Bryant

Psalm 105:4 (KJV)
Seek the Lord,
and his strength:
seek his face evermore.

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