God Bless Our Love....

God Bless Our Love.....

As we hold hands and look
In each other's eyes
We see the heavens open wide
Then together this is what we pray
"God bless our love, all of our days."

As the clouds begin to drift away
A gentle light appears
We know then God is near...
Let us not ask for treasure or for gold
Or anything that we can hold

But, may we ask with every breath
"God bless our love anew
May we be true to You
Who sees all things we do
Each day as we grow old and grey
One little prayer we will always say
God bless our love in every way."
God bless our love

So let us not imagine that vain thing
But only what our love
Could always bring
Then with God we have everything
God bless our love.. God bless our love
God bless our love.... God bless our love

Written by Linda Ann Henry
Music score was written by Gary Matthews
Sung by Gary Matthews and Kimberlee Jo Stiles
Additional verses and choruses by Gary Matthews
Registered ©BMI 2008 all rights reserved
Directly licensed for internet public performance
and published by alighthouse.com
Linda's dream available on
Cd Baby


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