God cares for you...........

When I am feeling lonely
Discouraged, worried or afraid
Things that keep me going
Is writing a poem or a prayer prayed

When I need to express my thoughts
Needing someone who will understand
I write about it, or talk to my God
I find strength to live life as planned
Living isn't always easy,
We have problems every day
We sometimes think we're all alone
Until we can remember to pray

Our Heavenly Father is caring
He listens and meets our needs
He is forever close beside us
Through greener pastures He leads
When you are feeling so blue
Thinking the world has kicked you out
Go to Jesus Christ for help
He will relieve your every doubt

Cast all your cares upon the one
Who died for you in your place
Nothing is impossible with Him
You are forgiven by God's Grace

Norma Duncan © 2007


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