Godís Goodness......

Melodies of birds
Play around me,
Gentle breezes
Dance through the tree,

Sunshine embraces,
Blue skies stretch above,
Green fields invite
With refreshing love,

Joyful music plays
Deep in my heart..
To count Godís blessings,
Where can I start?

For His goodness
Is all around,
His sweet mercies
Surely abound,

His tender touch
Is in everything,
His happy voice
Makes the birds sing,

His endless grace
Kisses each flower,
His majesty radiates
In mountains that tower.

Yes, Godís goodness
Is here and everywhere,
Inspiring every bliss,
Drying every tear.

From our Father
All goodness starts,
Refreshing our spirits,
Uplifting our hearts,

Reminding us of heaven,
Of treasures above,
Filling our hearts with joy,
With limitless love...

Yes, as birds sing
Joyfully in the tree,
Let us sing of Godís goodness
Now and eternally!

Caroline Gavin ©August 2014
Purposeful Pathway

Psalm 119:68
"You are good and do good;
Teach me Your statutes."

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