God's Great Love written by Linda Ann Henry with love............

God's Great Love ...........

If ever you wonder when in trouble
Where is God today
Remember the beauty of a sunset
Or the laughter of a brook...and pray
God's arms are always set around you
You were created by The Lord
He loves you....every day

If ever you see evil, in a war
or happening to one you dearly love
Always know God's forgiveness
through The Holy Spirit
can come from up above

Put away any hurt
or even envy you have known
God is watching in His garden
waiting there to lead you home

If you feel you do not see God's love
just look around the sky
All the world that He created,
and His beloved Son, who even died

Whatever sin lies at our doorstep
God is gentle, kind and true
His birds are singing to your heart,
Life can be good and new
until your hands are in the clouds
God's great love is there for you.

Linda Ann Henry © 2007
Do you remember me
The people's poet


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