God's Invisible Hands...

God's loving hands are holding me
Through many trials His hand I see.
No, we cannot touch His scarred hand,
But how He holds us again and again.
His lovely hands were scarred for me
I'll praise Him throughout eternity.
The hand of God wraps me so tight,
He holds me gently day and night.

It does not matter what the trial
He always understands the pain,
He reaches down to dry the tears,
And gently whispers, do not fear.
The beautiful hands of our God
Lifts us up and calms our fears,
There is healing in our Lord's hands,
Feel Him, He is with you till the end.

God's gentle hands are oh so warm
they reach out to you and me.
We feel so safe in God's invisible hands.
No we cannot touch them but how
we feel them at times so close.
I do believe when God looks upon
His hands He does see us His creation.
When we see God's hands we are
reminded of the pain He bore at Calvary...

He bore it all in love
and He says I would do it again.
Oh, what a Mighty God we serve.
God will never forsake His own...
His eyes are forever watching from His throne.
He has made known to us the path of life
and in His presence there is fullness of joy.
We are not just His creation we are
engraved upon His palms for all eternity.

He is the first and last and for evermore !

Bernice Ward ©2003
Bernice's Inspirations

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