God's  Presence......

In Your presence, O Lord,
I long to be;
In Your presence, O Lord,
Shine upon me.

Honor and majesty
Radiate ever from You;
Strength and joy
Reign in Your sanctuary too.

For Your presence is love,
Your presence is light,
Rich with joy and peace,
Strong with power and might.

Keep me in Your presence,
I am here to do Your will;
My heart is open for You,
With Your Spirit fill.

Surely I shall dwell
In Your presence all my days;
I shall sing Your praises
Now and always.

You are the Son,
Spectacular to my sight;
You embrace me with love,
Your warm me with light.

Dominion and power,
Glory, honor and majesty:
All are Yours, my Jesus,
For all eternity.

So in Your presence, O Lord,
I long to be;
Let Your presence, O Lord,
Forever reign in me.


Caroline Gavin İOct.2012
Purposeful Pathway

Glory and honor are in his presence;
strength and gladness are in his place.
Psalm 3:3

The hills melted like wax
at the presence of the LORD,
at the presence of the Lord
of the whole earth.
Psalm 97:5

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