Godís  RoseGodís  Rose

Godís  Rose

I picked a rose from my garden today
Its petals were bright from the morning dew
It had such beauty like never seen
As I viewed closely, it reminded me of you

As I looked at the petals one by one
I thought I would give each one a name
The first I called heaven, it looked so innocent
Nothing I knew, could I lay to its blame

Godís Rose

The second was curled like it was sleeping
The others were nestled as close as could be
It had the fragrance of a newborn baby
So I called it creation as it reminded me

The third was reaching like holding hands
What life in the petal I could see
"Never let go" it seemed to be whispering
So without hesitation I called it harmony

Godís  Rose

The others were close as all being one
As I looked I thought it quite odd
In all of its beauty I could only see love
I knew in my heart, my rose came from God.

Eddie Roush © 1-29-2009

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Godís  Rose

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