Jesus was born as King to reign
His death was indeed not in vain
A thief beside him on the cross
Jesus told him he was not lost
He would be with Him in heaven that day
Soon thunder clapped and the sky turned gray
Jesus most Sacred Heart
Knew His mission from the start
Imagine how Mary's heart broke in two
Knowing her son was crucified in full view
Jesus was born for our salvation
For all, in each and every generation
Whoever believes on His name
Their eternal reward would be the same
No more illness, no more grief
For all who kept their belief
Keep God's Commandments be true
Read God's Bible and don't misconstrue
Interpret the meanings proceed to learn
Understand passages and give them concern
May you be blessed with the true meaning of Easter
Enjoy the season we are saved by Christ's Resurrection

© 2006 Joyce Ann Geyer

Joel 2:32
And it will come about that whoever calls
on the name of The Lord will be delivered.

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