Garden Of Delight......


When I am down,
Or when I feel blue,
I go to my garden,
Where everything is fresh;
All so lovely and new..

Some perennials for shade,
And some for sunlight.
Give off such magnificent color,
Oh what pure delight..

The chirping of the birds,
Along with the buzzing of the bees.
Blend nature's harmony,
Into such sweet melodies..

Up above there are
White clouds and blue skies;
In the air I see the gentle flutter
Of colorful butterflies.

Rows of flowers
Roses and trees;
The wind upon my face
Like a warm summer breeze.

My garden is tranquil
With much joy and bliss;
The sweet whispers of softness
I never want to miss.

So to my garden I go
From day to day;
Seeing the beauty of God's love,
Melts all of my troubles away.


©James R. Greene

Psalm 140:13(KJV)
Surely the righteous shall
give thanks unto thy name:
the upright shall
dwell in thy presence.

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