Good Mornin' Lord........
Good Mornin' Lord........
Good Mornin' Lord........

Wake up now you sleepy head
Stretch your bones and get out of bed
Thank you Lord for the morning light
And for protecting me
All thru the night

Bless my friends today
Let your light shine from me
As I work and play
Help me to be what you want me to be
I'm here by grace it's plain to see

You carried me thru the dark valleys of life
Iím here to serve you now
For the rest of my life
I can face the world with a brand new smile
As long as you hold my hand and
Walk along with me every mile

So wake up now you sleepy head
It's a brand new day
Time for me to jump out of bed
And give God the thanks for a new day

Gayle Alatia © 2008

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