~Grandma Are You In Me~

Oh Grandma, when you look at me
What there do you see,
As you watch me come
Do I wake a memory.
Is it your eyes you watch
That blink so tenderly,
Or the way you walked
And skipped so playfully.

Is my hair all soft like yours
Shining in the sun,
My little button nose
Or the way I run for fun.
Do I have your eyebrows,
Your cheek bones or your lips,
Tell me true, like you,
Do they pucker for a kiss.

If I tilt my head just so,
Does that somehow make you glow
In the fond remembrance
Of days you used to know.
Have I your merry laugh
Or blush upon my cheek,
Oh, I hope I have your faith
Grandma, at least a little bit

I want to have your Jesus
From within your heart so true,
Will He come to live with me
And hold my hand like you,
I love you so, my Grandma,
How happy I would be
If you thought that some of you
Showed in the ways of me..

Soft Whispers for Grandma from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2008
Poetry From The Heart

And Grandma's love, is a love,
that will last til' the end of time.
I see a wonderful future,
I see a house full of love.
Your eyes, they twinkle like starlight.
'cause God has kissed you from above
~Quote from~
Mark C Shelley © 2004 - 2008

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