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Your Guardian Angel

When I have no one to turn to

and I am feeling kind of low

When there is no one here to talk to

and no where I really want to go

I search deep within myself

It is the love inside my heart

that let's me know My Guardian Angels are there

Even though we are many miles apart

A smile then appears upon my face

and the sun begins to shine

I hear a voice, so soft and sweet

saying, "everything will be just fine"

It may seem that I am alone

but I am never by myself at all

Whenever I need my Angels near

All I have to do is call

Guardian Angels love is always true

on that you can always depend

She will always stand beside you

and will always be your friend

A guardian Angel

Who will guide what you do,

Her heart filled with love

Sent to watch over you.

©1992 Adam Bentson Jr.

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