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I am only a sinner Lord,
please shine your light on me
Give me the strength and the courage
to be all you want me to be
Send down your tender mercy,
Lord, let your love shine through
Show me the right road to take
to bring me back too you
Wash my sins white as snow...
mold me according to your plan
Oh Lord, just make me worthy
"to touch Your nailed scarred hand".

I give you a broken down body,
mend it Lord , I pray
Send down your blessings on me
let nothing stand in your way
I'm laying my sins at your feet Lord,
They are not coming back with me
I praise you Heavenly Father,
I give you all the glory
Through your blood I am forgiven
Through the Bible I understand
Oh Lord, just make me worthy
To Touch Your Nailed Scarred Hand.

I humbly stand before you Lord,
please hear me I pray
I know I am not promised another hour,
or another day
Walk beside me Lord, guide my steps,
Don't let me stumble and fall
When I'm walking beside my Lord,
I want to be standing TALL
I give you the rest of my life
Please use it to glorify you

M ay YOU shine dear Jesus,
in everything I say and do
Allow me to help others
Lord, help them understand
Oh Lord, just make me worthy
"To Touch Your Nailed Scarred Hand".

© 2005 Linda Hill

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