Happy is My Heart.....

Happy is my heart,
I hear it sing,
Happy is my soul
In graces You bring,

Happy are the birds
Around me in song,
Happy are the fields
So green and long,

Happy is the sky
Brilliant and blue,
Happy is the morning
Fresh and new,

Yes, happy is my heart
And all around me,
For You, sweet Jesus,
Are all I see.

You are smiling
In the clouds above,
The sunrays embrace me
With Your love,

Your power awes me
In heights of the hill,
My heart with sweet joy
You forever fill,

Your mercy surrounds
In dancing trees,
In soft caresses
Of the springtime breeze.

Yes, happy is my heart
Now and forevermore,
As I am with You,
The One I adore.

My mind each day
You lovingly renew,
My heart, my soul,
My spirit too.

You take me in Your arms
So warm and strong,
Telling me always
With You I belong..

So happy is my heart,
I hear it sing,
Happy to be with You,
My Jesus, my King!

Caroline Gavin ŠJune 2014
Purposeful Pathway

Proverbs 15:13
"A happy heart makes the face cheerful."

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Within My Heart......

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