~ Happy Passover ~

This day is for us to remember
Our festival unto our Lord
For seven days we will only eat
Flat bread, matzah, no yeast anymore.

On the first day, we will take away
Every speck of yeast within our rooms
For this will speak to us
How sin must be removed


On this first day and the seventh
Yahweh is asking us to come as one
For Kadesh, benediction
To celebrate His love.

We shall not be labouring
Except to eat upon these days
But by Urchatz, purify ourselves
To honoring His name


At the Seder of unleavened bread
Our Passover feast
We praise our God's redeeming power
For our fathers in Egypt

We will keep this festival
Of our bondage unto life
To tell our children's children
God has saved us from the night


We then say "Leshanah haba'ah bee-rushalayim
-- Next year in Jerusalem."

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"Happy Passover"


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © August 2009
Poetry From The Heart

"You must remember this day forever."
Each year you will celebrate it as a
special festival to the LORD.
For seven days, you may eat only bread made without yeast.
On the very first day you must remove
every trace of yeast from your homes.
Anyone who eats bread made with yeast
at any time during the seven days of the
festival will be cut off
from the community of Israel.
On the first day of the festival,
and again on the seventh day,
all the people must gather for
a time of special worship.
No work of any kind may be done
on these days except
in the preparation of food.
"Celebrate this Festival of Unleavened Bread,
for it will remind you that I brought your
forces out of the land of Egypt on this very day.
This festival will be a permanent
regulation for you, to be kept
from generation to generation.
Exodus 12:14-17

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