Make sure my Daddy has
a CHRISTmas Tree

As I walked to a neighbor's house one Christmas Day
A chill came over me,
as I heard a small voice begin to pray ...

Dear God, way up in Heaven
I'm just a child of only three
And I don't know much about praying,
so I'm hopin'
you'll please hear me ..

You know my Daddy's gone this Christmas,
and I feel it's on account of me
So if you would Dear God,
make sure my Daddy has a Christmas Tree
You know my Daddy didn't have the money
to shop and go downtown,
and the ONLY reason he stole those toys
was because he didn't want to let me down

Prison is a place for those
who are really bad
and Dear God,
you know my Daddy's good
and all that me and Mommy had

So, if you would Dear God,
I'm askin' you, if you only will,
to somehow in that dark place,
let a little Christmas light shine on him
from heaven above,
and let him know that Mom and me have
the best gift of all --
because he gave His Love
So Dear God, please do a favor for me .....
Please make sure my Daddy
has a CHRISTmas Tree.

Thank you God ...... Amen

Gayle Alatia © 2007

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