If I could talk to you
And you could talk to me,
What would you say my pretty
Little bird up in the tree..

When I am feeling blue
You always come to sit,
Right there, so very near
To share your tail's little flick.
You're like a gentle message
From God's heart, just for me,
He can't let me gaze upon Him yet
So sends what I can see.

I find my God in things He made
The softness, colour, every shade,
Such loveliness in every hue
His character He shows anew.
Every petal that bursts forth with joy
Like secrets from His hand
Whisper...look inside...touch Me
I'm in much more than man.

My love is in the soft pet of paw
A singing bird opens wide the door,
Into My heart, if you delight to see
All that is precious, all that is Me.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2002

Every bird that upwards swings
Bears the Cross upon its wings.
John Mason Neale

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