In The Heavens

If the angels were created
For fulfilling desperate need,
To promptly answer every child
Who cries out to be free.
And since from the beginning
They had known the Father had a plan,
Though not understanding it all
Except the good of man.

And if they saw the climax nearing
Of that contract from the start,
Reflected on the Father's face
From the burden heavy on His heart.
Would they not assemble
Ready for command,
With all the power of heaven
Set at God's demand.
They had celebrated the baby's birth
And observed His tender growth,
Then saw the crowds adore Him
But now!
What is this anger that awoke.
Why such harsh rejection
Of the goodness Jesus showed,
Why set their hearts against Him
With a cruelty to goad.

Why the jeers, the lashings,
For the One sent from above,
Surely they would release Him
This gentle heart of love.
No-one could harm the Son of God
For mighty angels can descend,
At The Father's direct bidding
All His love defend.
So many times before
They were summoned to His cause,
Powerful ruling men
Firmly toppled by His laws.
Just a gentle nod from Him
Or a signal, Go
And driven by His might
They would thwart the enemy below.

No matter how big the foe
There was only one expected end,
The love of God would always win
In all affairs of men.
They would stand upon His lightning bolts
The battle to be won,
But now, could they believe
God's face departing from His Son.
Such suffering was seen before
But why this appetite to mock,
With the enemy sneering, claiming victory
For eternal life to be forever locked.
Would the Lord relinquish, then decree
A myriad of angels come to swiftly set Him free,
Or resolve to die for undeserving man
To pay his penalty.

But, with love He hung, crushed down with sin
Taking our guilt as His own,
For only by the shedding of His blood
Could death be overthrown.
It was Inconceivable
Why should the Father's heart,
Reject His own dear Son,
This deathly cup impart.
Thus, heaven stood by to witness
Complete hatred in the heart of man,
Crucifying the darling of heaven
Nails driven in His hands.
None could move
None could speak,
Until that triumphant cry,"It is finished"
His body broken, bleeding, meek.

Heaven surely wept, falling on their knees
As the sun refused to shine,
Darkness obscured the mortality of man,
A conquest, all of God's design.
Time ruptured, as the Lord descended into hell
Tears of grief fell from the Fathers eyes,
The universe held it's breath, hushed,
As endless hours crept slowly by...
Suddenly !
God unleashed the law of sin forgiven
And destroyed the power of death.
Fountains of life burst forth
As the world reverberated, then settled into rest,
The chains of death were broken
Man with God could now belong.
The Lord ascended higher than the heavens
Then filled the world to overflow
Wih the gift of life for all
Our Father, to forever know.

Jesus won, He won the victory!
The universe exploded into song
With such resounding joy!
Creation cried aloud in praise!
All heaven rejoicing in glorious voice
For everlasting days.
Worthy is the lamb
For You tore away the stone,
To You be all the glory, laud and honour
Our King upon the throne.
You died and rose again to set us free,
Yourself alone.
We long to see,
Our precious Savior, Jesus Lord
To live within Your love

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2004 used with permission

And they sang a new song saying, Thou art worthy to take the book and to open the seals therof,
for Thou wast slain and hast redeemed us to God by Thy blood,
out of every kindred and tongue and nation,
And hast made us unto our God kings and priests And we shall reign on the earth,
And I beheld around the throne thousands of thousands saying with a loud voice,
Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom
and strength and honor and glory and blessing.

Revelation 5:9-12


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